Battery Torque Multipliers

Discover the world of efficient and high-performance tools with our selection of Battery Torque Multipliers. Whether you’re involved in construction, automotive work, or heavy machinery maintenance, our tools promise to deliver precision, durability, and ease of use.

Why Choose Our Battery Torque Multipliers?

At Applied Torque:

Hire or Purchase Options

Flexibility is a core value at Applied Torque:

Why Use Battery Torque Multipliers?

Battery-operated torque multipliers aren’t a mere luxury; they're indispensable:

Industries that typically use Battery Torque Multipliers:

Specific Use Cases  For Battery Torque Multipliers:

FAQs for Battery Torque Multipliers


Exploring Other Torque Solutions

Looking for more than just battery-operated tools? Discover our range of Electric Torque Multipliers, Hand Torque Multipliers, Air Torque Multipliers, and Torque Wrench Pumps to find the perfect solution for your needs.


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Need more information or guidance on the ideal torque multiplier? Reach out directly by calling 02920 888883 or emailing us at Our dedicated experts are eager to assist.

Suppliers and Partners

Aligning with the Best: Showcasing Our Trusted Partnerships with Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac, Norbar, Hodge Clemco TorcUp and more. Testament to Our Commitment & Quality in the Torque & Tool Industry.

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