Enerpac Electric Pumps

As Authorised Enerpac Distributors and Service Centre, Applied Torque Supply the Full Range of Industrial Tools, Cylinders and Lifting Products.

The PU Series Economy Pumps are best suited to power small and medium sized cylinders or hydraulic tools.  The lightweight and compact design make them ideal for applications which require easy transport to the pump. The Universal motor works well on long extension cords or generator driven power supplies.

The PUD-1100 Series are ideal for punching applications, not requiring load holding. The PUD-1300 Series are designed for applications requiring solenoid valve operations and the PUJ Series have manual valves which provide advanced hold - retract tool operation.

The PE Series, Submerged Electric Pumps are best suited to power small and medium sized cylinders or hydraulic tools whenever quiet, intermittent duty cycles are required.  The PEM Series have a manual valve control for both single acting and double acting applications. The PER and PEJ Series are most suited to production and lifting and the PES Series are designed for continuous pressure applications, such as clamping, workholding and testing.

Please contact sales@appliedtorque.co.uk for further infomation on any of the Enerpac Electric Pumps.

Suppliers and Partners

Aligning with the Best: Showcasing Our Trusted Partnerships with Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac, Norbar, Hodge Clemco TorcUp and more. Testament to Our Commitment & Quality in the Torque & Tool Industry.

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