Calibration Equipment & Torque Analysers

Applied Torque Supply the Full Range of Norbar and Stahlwille Torque Transducers and Calibration Equipment.

 Norbar's Torque Transducers have an Excellent Reputation for Quality and Accuracy.                                    Their Models cover a very wide torque range, 0.04 N·m to 100,000 N·m and three basic transducer configurations are offered; Static, Impulse Rotary and Annular.                                                                              All transducers up to 100,000 N·m are supplied as standard with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate from Norbar's in-house laboratory.                                                                                                                             For customers who wish to take advantage of Norbar's transducers but have an existing, non Norbar display instrument, transducers can be provided with a mV/V calibration.                                                                     Norbar's instruments and transducers are complimented by a wide range of ancillary products.  

Stahlwilles' Torque Calibration Equipment focuses on versatility, performance and ease of use.                        All Equipment is Accredited by the German Body DAkkS in Accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 which is essential to suppliers of the automotive sector.                                                                                    Stahlwille offer Electronic, Manual, Motorised and Automated Testing Units and Complete packages with all ancillary items included.                                                                                                                                        Favoured by Applied Torques own Calibration Engineers, the Stahlwille Perfect control calibrating and adjusting tool, significantly reduces labour time spent on calibrations by saving calibration procedures and featuring an electric drive.                     

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Suppliers and Partners

Aligning with the Best: Showcasing Our Trusted Partnerships with Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac, Norbar, Hodge Clemco TorcUp and more. Testament to Our Commitment & Quality in the Torque & Tool Industry.

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