Ingersoll Rand QX Series Cordless Tools

Ingersoll Rand Cordless Torque Accurate Tools

At Applied Torque, we have been providing application solutions utilising Ingersoll Rand Torque Accurate Tools for over 20 years.  With three series of tools to choose from, we can offer a solution for every application and budget.

If you're just getting started and want a cost-effective entry into the QX Connect Range, the QXFN Series is perfect for you. These tools are designed with the same internal transducer and angle encoder as the higher-end models, with the same 32 programmable configurations but without a rear display. This makes for a more accurate replacement for clutch tooling.

For those who need a versatile tool that can adapt to changes on the line, the QXBD Series is an excellent choice. These tools come with a multi-functional display module for quick setup and feedback. Their fast programming capabilities mean they can be adapted to any changes in your manufacturing process.

Finally, if you require precision, traceability, and mobility in your cordless torque tools, the QXXD Series is the way to go. These tools are developed with wireless communication, allowing you to manage data and process control. Whether you need to monitor torque output or track tool usage, the QXXD Series has you covered.

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