Enerpac Battery Pumps: The XC2 Cordless Hydraulic Pump Series

Applied Torque: Your Authorised Enerpac Battery Pump Distributor and Service Centre

We take pride in being an authorised distributor and service centre for Enerpac all products. Our role goes beyond just offering Enerpac Battery hydraulic pumps for hire and purchase; we’re committed to providing exceptional servicing and maintenance for these high-quality tools. 

This authorisation reflects our extensive expertise in Enerpac's Hydraulic Pump range, our dedication to maintaining strict quality standards, and our ability to deliver outstanding after-sales support to our customers.

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Who Uses Enerpac Battery Pumps?


Use Cases for Enerpac Battery Pumps

Industries That Typically Use Enerpac Battery Pumps

Precision Lifting and Shifting
Enerpac hydraulic pumps are extensively used in operations that require the lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads, such as in construction or manufacturing.
Construction and Civil Engineering
For lifting, shifting, and positioning heavy loads and materials.
Maintenance and Repair Operations
Ideal for applications in maintenance, these pumps offer the necessary power and control for repair works in various settings.
Manufacturing and Industrial
In assembly lines, machine shops, and for maintenance operations.
Bolting and Fastening
Enerpac pumps provide the necessary hydraulic power for torque wrenches and bolting tools, essential in assembly and construction tasks.
Mining and Quarrying
For exploration, extraction, and material processing activities.
Infrastructure Projects
In large-scale infrastructure projects, these pumps are used for tasks like bridge lifting, structural testing, and post-tensioning.
Oil and Gas
Used in exploration, drilling, refining, and maintenance activities.
Industrial Pressing and Pulling
Used in manufacturing settings for pressing, bending, or straightening operations, as well as for pulling gears, bearings, and sleeves.
Energy and Utilities
In the maintenance and installation of heavy equipment in power generation facilities.
Material Handling in Warehouses
Enerpac pumps power hydraulic systems used in forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment.
Transportation and Logistics
For maintenance and handling of heavy machinery and vehicles such as trucks and railway infrastructure.
Mining Operations
In the mining industry, these pumps are used for powering hydraulic tools necessary for exploration, extraction, and processing.
Aerospace and Defence
In the manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft and defence equipment.
Oil and Gas Applications
Enerpac pumps are critical in the oil and gas industry for operations such as valve actuation, maintenance of drilling equipment, and pipeline testing.
Maritime and Shipbuilding
In the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships and maritime structures.
Shipbuilding and Repair
In shipyards, these pumps are used for tasks like lifting heavy ship components, alignment, and metal fabrication.


Enerpac Battery pumps' XC2 Series’ versatility and reliability make them a fundamental tool in these industries, facilitating efficient and safe operations across a wide range of applications.

Enerpac Battery Pump XC2 Series: The Very Best Of Cordless Hydraulic Pump Technology

The next generation in cordless Battery hydraulic pumps. These state-of-the-art, battery operated hydraulic pumps embody the perfect synergy of convenience, performance, and efficiency, setting new standards in the hydraulic tooling industry.

Enerpac Cordless Battery Pump Convenience (No Power, No Problem!)

Say goodbye to the limitations of extension cords and the noise and emissions of generators. The Enerpac XC2 Series offers unparalleled cordless freedom, allowing you to use your Enerpac battery pump in a variety of environments without compromising on power or efficiency. This feature makes the XC2 Series an ideal choice for sites where power access is a challenge.

High-Performance Brushless Motor 

At the heart of the XC2 Series is a high-performance brushless motor. This advanced motor not only drives high-flow rates for increased productivity but also ensures a lifespan twice that of traditional brushed motors. The efficiency and longevity of these motors translate into enhanced productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Innovative Enerpac Bladder Reservoir

The inclusion of a bladder reservoir in the XC2 Series marks a significant leap in reducing contamination and maintenance needs. This feature allows the pump to operate in any position, offering unmatched flexibility and reliability in various operational scenarios.

Enhanced Oil Capacity and Pump Versatility

Selected models in the XC2 Series boast a generous 4 litres oil capacity, making them compatible with larger and multiple cylinder setups. This versatility ensures that the Enerpac XC2 pumps can meet a wide range of application requirements, from simple tasks to complex operations.

Connectivity with ENERPAC Connect App

Step into the future of tool management with the ENERPAC Connect App compatibility. This feature provides you with access to the latest tool and application data, enhancing your operational control and efficiency. Stay connected and informed with this cutting-edge technology.

Specialised Enerpac Hydraulic Torque Pump Models

For applications requiring precise torque control, the Enerpac Cordless XC2 Series offer specialised hydraulic torque pump models. These models are tailored to deliver accurate and reliable torque output, essential for critical bolting applications.

Hire and Purchase Enerpac Battery Pumps with Applied Torque

Feel the power of the Enerpac XC2 Series Battery Pumps with Applied Torque. For further information, to request a demo, or to receive a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect hydraulic solution to meet your needs.

Get the very best in Battery Hydraulic Pumps with the Enerpac XC2 Series.

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