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As an authorised distributor and service centre for Enerpac, Applied Torque is your go-to destination for all your needs regarding Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps. Our authorisation is a testament to our in-depth understanding of Enerpac products, commitment to high-quality standards, and our ability to offer comprehensive support after your purchase.

Why Choose an Enerpac Authorised Distributor and Service Centre?

Unleash the Power of Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps

Enerpac's air hydraulic pumps are engineered for those who demand high performance and precision. Ideal for compact air-over-hydraulic operations, these pumps stand out for their safety, durability, and exceptional oil flow delivery. Explore more about these pumps on Enerpac's official page. Applied Torque provides the full range of Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps with various power options to suit all of your needs.

The Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump Range

PA Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump Series: Robustness & Rugged

The PA Series Air Powered Foot Pumps embody rugged construction. Designed for longevity and effortless servicing, these pumps feature a three-position treadle that efficiently manages cylinder advance, hold, or retract operations. Gain insights into their robustness from Machinery Lubrication's detailed analysis.

PAM Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump Series: Twin Air Motor Efficiency & Speed

The PAM Series, with its Twin Air Motor configurations, delivers high flow performance in its first stage – up to 14 bar for rapid cylinder advance. This series exemplifies efficiency and speed.

PATG, PAMG, and PARG Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump Series: Remote Control Excellence

These series are distinguished by an air pendant for remote operation and an external adjustable pressure relief valve. They blend convenience with control, offering a seamless operational experience.

XA Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump Series: Ergonomic and Efficient

The XA Series stands out with higher oil flow for increased productivity, coupled with an ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue. Their advanced design is a step towards enhancing workplace efficiency.

Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps Are Versatile Solutions for Every Industry

Applied Torque's range of Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps is engineered to cater to a wide array of industrial applications, ensuring every sector benefits from their unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Industries Examples for Air Hydraulic Pumps

Maritime Approved

In the maritime industry, precision and reliability are paramount. Our Enerpac pumps, as highlighted by Ship Technology, are specifically designed to withstand the demanding marine environment, providing dependable performance for shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance.

Rail Industry Robustness

The rail industry requires robust and durable tools. Enerpac's hydraulic solutions offer the strength and precision necessary for rail construction, maintenance, and emergency repair scenarios, ensuring smooth operations and safety.

Steel Works Strength

In the steel industry, where heavy lifting and high-pressure operations are commonplace, Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps provide the necessary power and durability. These pumps excel in environments that demand high performance under tough conditions.

Nuclear Power Plants

Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps are crucial in the nuclear sector, offering precise control and robust performance necessary for the maintenance and operation of nuclear power plants. Their reliability and safety features make them ideal for this highly regulated industry.

Heavy Duty Machinery

In sectors involving heavy machinery, like construction and mining, Enerpac pumps provide the necessary power and endurance to handle rigorous tasks, ensuring maximum productivity and operational efficiency.

And Many More use Cases

Beyond these industries, our Enerpac solutions are also ideal for construction, manufacturing, and any sector where hydraulic efficiency is key.

Connect with Applied Torque: Your Trusted Enerpac Partner

Interested in learning more or need guidance on the perfect Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pump for your needs? Feel free to explore our extensive range of Enerpac Hydraulics and other products. For personalised assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and support.

At Applied Torque, we're committed to supplying not just products, but solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency in your industrial operations. Discover the power and precision of Enerpac Air Hydraulic Pumps and elevate your engineering capabilities to the next level.

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