Torque Multipliers

Torque Multiplier Hire and Purchase

At Applied Torque, we offer a comprehensive range of options for both hiring and purchasing torque multipliers. Our services cater to diverse needs, whether you're looking for a short-term solution or a permanent addition to your toolkit. 

As certified service and distribution centres for major torque tool brands, we not only supply these essential tools but also ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and safety. Browse our range of torque multipliers and see how they can enhance your project's safety and efficiency.

What Are Torque Multipliers?

Torque multipliers are mechanical devices that provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn bolts, nuts, or similar items. By employing an epicyclic gearing system, as detailed in this Torque Multiplier diagram, torque multipliers amplify the input force, making it easier to achieve the desired torque without extra physical exertion. 

This attribute is particularly beneficial in industries where precision and safety are paramount. The use of torque multipliers spans across various industries, from automotive  to aerospace, offering advantages like enhanced control, reduced risk of damage, and improved safety for operators.

Types of Torque Multipliers

Torque multipliers come in various forms, each designed to suit specific applications and environments:

Hand Torque Multipliers

Ideal for situations where electricity or pneumatic power is unavailable, hand torque multipliers offer a manual solution that's both portable and efficient. These tools are perfect for on-the-go tasks and remote locations.

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers

These are designed for applications requiring consistent, repeatable torque output with minimal effort. They are highly efficient and suitable for industrial settings where air supply is readily available.

Battery Torque Multipliers

Offering the ultimate in portability and convenience, battery torque multipliers are perfect for tasks that demand mobility and flexibility. They eliminate the need for power cords or air hoses, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Electric Torque Multipliers

For tasks that require high precision and power, electric torque multipliers are the go-to tools. They are ideal for applications that necessitate consistent torque levels and are frequently used in manufacturing and maintenance environments.

Contact Us To Purchase Or Hire Torque Wrench Multipliers

Each type of torque multiplier has its unique set of features and applications, making it crucial to select the one that aligns best with your specific needs. At Applied Torque, we offer expert advice to help you choose the perfect tool for your application, ensuring optimal performance and results. Contact us today.

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