RACL Series, Aluminium Lock Nut Cylinders

As Authorised Enerpac Distributors and Service Centre, Applied Torque Supply the Full Range of Industrial Tools, Cylinders and Lifting Products.

The RACL Series of Single Acting, Aluminium Lock Nut Cylinders have a Capacity of 20 - 150 Ton and Maximum Operating Pressure of 700 bar.

The RACL Series of Cylinders feature an Aluminium Lock Nut which Provides Mechanical Load Holding for Extended Periods. They have an integral stop ring, which prevents plunger over-travel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity.

If you require any further information on any of these products please email sales@appliedtorque.co.uk

Suppliers and Partners

Aligning with the Best: Showcasing Our Trusted Partnerships with Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac, Norbar, Hodge Clemco TorcUp and more. Testament to Our Commitment & Quality in the Torque & Tool Industry.

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